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recorded  26 October 1959
Five Spot New York   USA
LP   1959   United Artists    UAL 4066 / UAS 5066
LP              Blue Note         LAS98-H2

        CD   2003   Mosaic      004
        LP    LITTLE NILES  Blue Note LA 598-H2   2 LP set

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         liner notes

Randy Weston piano
Kenny Dorham trumpet
Coleman Hawkins tenor sax
Wilbur Little bass
Clifford Jarvis drums
Roy Haynes drums
Brock Peters vocal

Melba Liston  arranger

  1   Hi-Fly  (Weston)
  2   Beef Blues Stew  (Weston)
  3   Star-Crossed Lovers (B. Strayhorn / D. Ellington)
  4   Spot Five Blues (Weston / K. Dorham)
  5   Where  (Weston)
  6   Lisa Lovely  (Weston)


The scene for Randy Weston's Open House was the Five Spot Cafe in Manhattan. The time, a rather dreary Monday in the fall of the year, and the setting about as wild a scene as you will ever make.

The live performance recording was scheduled for that same evening, but Coleman Hawkins was somewhere high in the skies between Chicago and New York; Roy Haynes was taking a similar route through the sky from Boston, and Wilbur Little and his bass were last heard from in Washington, D.C. Finally,
Melba Liston, hospitalized in California, had air-mailed her arrangements for the date - but they had not as yet been delivered.

At 9:30 p.m. the missing musicians began to gather - Hawkins and Haynes from their respective flights, Little from his train.
Shortly thereafter the missing arrangements were delivered, and a tall, rather relieved Randy Weston passed out the music. There was no rehearsal - very little warm-up.

The results are on this album - and you can wrap them up in just two words >>>> Fabulous Musicianship.


1959  unsigned

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