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  >    Randy Weston did receive the "Legends of Jazz" award
       from the National Jazz Museum in Harlem on June, 14th, 2017
       www.jazzmuseuminharlem.org >>

  >   "The African Nubian Suite"  
       Randy Weston African Rhythms double album  more >>
You can listen and or order here >>> 

African Nubian Suite

>   The Randy Weston Collection   www.scholar.harvard.edu more >>>

he Jazz Research Initiative in collaboration with the Hutchins Center, Loeb
        Music Library, the Harvard College Library, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts         and Sciences acquired the archives of pianist and composer Randy Weston.

        November 9, 2015 Celebration   www.hutchinscenter.fas.harverd.edu more >>>


>   African Rhythms -  Autobiography of  Randy Weston      more >>
         Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook

                Available at Duke University Press >>>

Français - Présence Africain >>>




>   The Roots of the Blues album
Randy Weston and Billy Harper          more >>   

The Roots of the Blues
more >>

  >   2016 Randy Weston enters DownBeat Hall of Fame      more >>

Article "We have to go all the way back"
  >   Panama Jazz Festival 2016 dedicated to Randy Weston 
       January 2016 - Panama City Panama



>   Tribute to James Reese Europe and the 369th Regiment   more >>
                Celebrating the music of James Reese Europe and
                a roundtable discussion on the combat unit Harlem's Rattlers.


Flyer >>


>   Randy Weston & the Gnawa Master Musicians of Morocco

-   Flash-presentation  1,5Mb - 3min. 1,5Mb -  flashmovie -  Randy Weston African Rhythms & the Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco start >>

-   The Splendid Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco CD 1994  more >>

-   Spirit! the Power of Music CD 2001 more >>

-   Gnawa photo-gallery
 more >>


Randy Weston Gnawa Photo Gallery
   Gnawa Photo Gallery  

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