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recorded  March 1983
Northwest Rec, Studio
Seattle USA
LP   1984    Arch Records  1750 S-1802

        CD   2002   Mutable  17508-2

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         liner notes

Randy Weston piano

Gerald Oshita
Tom Buckner
Teo Sutton
production assistant
Randy Weston  liner notes

  1   Penny Packer Blues  (Weston)
  2   Earth Birth
  3   The Last Day
  4   Lagos
  5   Blue in Tunisia
  6   Mystery of Love
(Guy Warren) 
  7   Ellington Tusk



Penny Packer Blues: When my daughter, Kim, was quite young, she used to wear some large, round spectacles that covered her beautiful face. She already showed the energy and vitality of a natural artist. Her little-girl rhythms inspired this blues.

Earth Birth A song about the joy of the beauty of our planet Earth as seen through the eyes of children. This is nature in its fullest sense-magnificent.

The Last Day That day will come perhaps sooner than we realize. The sky opens up. The Creator appears and all Earth's inhabitants get down on their knees-the powerful, the weak. the rich, the poor. We humble ourselves and pay our dues for our selfish greed and lack of respect for the planet.

he year is 1961. I am flying to Nigeria -going to my ancestral home at last. The motors of the plane seem to have a different rhythm.
Apprehension... excitement My true home Africa. I was blessed to have this experience.

Blue in Tunisia
A quiet night near the sea... strange moon. Spirit -deep thoughts ref my father, who became an ancestor. The color blue... an unforgettable experience on the coast of Southern Tunisia.

Mystery of Love This is a West African version of Romeo and Juliet, written by Guy Warren of Ghana, a master percussionist, composer, and philosopher. I change the melody a little. It's been my theme song for many years.

Ellington Tusk
The mighty
Duke Ellington... blues master. With his magnificent orchestra and original piano, he probably created more varieties of blues than anyone.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my father, Frank Edward Weston, who was responsible for those struggling years of piano lessons, and gave me pride, dignity and awareness of true African civilization, a true ancestor.

1984  Randy Weston

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