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Alex Blake -  Photo credit: © Agostino Mela
Alex Blake  -  Double Bass
Photo credit: © Agostino Mela


The range of Alex Blake's talent is bordering on phenomenal as virtually musician in whatever style, calls upon him for truly unique bass . This had been going on since he was a child, and with his background it is no wonder many have called him a prodigy.

Alex Blake was born in Panama, where he enjoyed the infusion of cultures in that rear Central American country.  Everyone, and everything, goes through Panama, and a little of each culture is left behind.  It only follows that as one of the building blocks to his character this influence would later be echoed in his uncanny ability to play every kind of music.  He moved to the United States at the age of 7 when his education became mainstream America: more specifically Brooklyn, the eclectic experiences that go with growing up in Brooklyn where perfect push for such an energetic young man.

After becoming one of the major proponents of the fusion movement In the late 70í with his writing and performances with Lenny White and Billy Cobham, Alex established himself as a drummer's bassist. His range and ability flow between melodic and extremely rhythmic playing enables these all-star drummers to express themselves to their fullest without having to worry about keeping time. Most of the people who work with Alex consider him an entire rhythm section on his own. His playing evokes rhythm guitar steady drumming, and lyrical bass line work all in the action of two hands. If you count the scat singing that he throws in over some of his solos, you might be inclined to call him the whole band and give him the horn chair as well.

In keeping with his tradition of close work with a great drummer, Alex currently enjoys the co-creative efforts of straight ahead/fusion great Tommy Campbell. They play on each otherís projects as well as having spend eight years together with The Manhattan Transfer. They are currently lending their rhythmic shorthand to hot up-and-coming artists, like flutist/vocalist Andrienne Wilson, who has added George Cables and Bobby Watson to the list of Musicians sharing recording credits.

As Sidemen without comparison Alex is touring with Pharoah Sanders and Randy Weston.
As a leader and composer Alex Blake is doing what he always does-incredible music that infuses and myriad of cultures and experiences that almost define the world of music being one . The individual, the completeness, the expression, it is all completely original,   it is Alex Blake.

Alex Blake Quinet   "Now is the Time"Alex Blake own recordings:

The Alex Blake Quintet
"Now is the Time"
Live at the Knitting Factory (Bubble Core)




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